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I take a lot of time for my clients at every appointment and it is not uncommon for an initial appointment to last two to three hours. With you as a new customer, we discuss your wishes in relation to the garment and the occasion for which it is to be worn. Many of my customers already have their own ideas, e.g. B. the suit should look like. We will then work together to flesh out these ideas further. If a customer does not yet have his own ideas, I am available to advise you with design suggestions.

Advice on the type/color and fabric, which are a large part of the first appointment, is particularly important. This is the only way I can tailor your clothing to your individual figure and type. For follow-up orders, the time is reduced for you because your dimensions and pattern constructions remain archived with me for life. At your first appointment you will also receive an initial price indication for the garments to be made.

The material costs are extra and can only be calculated once you have selected the appropriate fabric with me.

For each new customer, I make their model for the first fitting in nettle, a thin, light-colored cotton fabric, in order to achieve the best possible result and to be able to calculate the required amount of fabric exactly. The nettle model is evaluated by me after the fitting and the changes are transferred to the pattern. During the further processing, I manufacture your jacket according to centuries-old craftsmanship with a particularly light, hand-pricked camel hair insert.

The cuts are designed by me personally by hand and are purely individual tailor-made cuts. The cut is made with the appropriate additions, so that your piece of clothing can also be adapted to your figure in the future.