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Club TSC - The Sartorial Club

TSC The Sartorial Club is an exclusive club for fashion-conscious and stylish people who share a passion for elegant clothing and timeless aesthetics.

TSC is known for its elegant ambiance and refined atmosphere.
The interiors of the venues are carefully designed to combine the charm of bygone eras with modern luxury.
Every detail, from the opulent furniture to the ornate decorations, reflects the club's sophisticated taste.

Members of the TSC have the opportunity to participate in exclusive events that encourage members to interact with each other.
Here they can expand their wardrobe, discover new trends and gain valuable insights into the world of sartorial fashion.

TSC is not only a place for handmade fashion - Sartoria, but also a community of like-minded people who share their enthusiasm for style.
Here members can socialize, share experiences and explore the world of sartorial fashion together. Club TSC fosters an environment that celebrates creativity and individuality and provides a platform for members to express themselves sartorially and develop their personal style identity.